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Technical Support

Technical Support   


1.Tires must be stored in the dry warehouse at 10℃-30℃ temperature and 50%-80% relative humidity,keeping out of the sunshine.

2.In case of storing inner tubes with cover tires in a complete set,the inner tubes should be inflated slightly and applied with talcum powder on the surface.

3.The stands keeping inner tubes and cover tires should be one meter away from the heat sources.

4.To keep the tires together with chemicals such as oils,flammables,acids,alkali, prohibited.

  Usage Guide

After inflating tires,check inflating valve pad,valve insides,contact area of rim with tire for air leakage.If any,repair and replace in time.In case of excessive or lacking pressure,abnormal deformation will take place in the tire,resulting in shortening of service life of the tires.

Tires load should be consistent with that given by the tire identification.Goods shall be distributed evenly on the vehicle,avoiding unbalanced load.

Tires must be installed on the given type vehicle and the rim with smooth surface and type and size up to specifications.Use of damaged and deformed rims is not allowed.

4.Inner tubes
Tires and vehicle body are supported by atmospheric pressure inside the inner tube.So the inner tube has a tremendous effect on the tire service life.The newly ex-works tires should be provided with new inner tube with the same size.It’d better be for the radial tires to be provided with butyl inner tube

When mounting the inner tubes,check the inside of the cover for no foreignmatters and apply talcum powder on the inner wall of cover tire and the surface of inner tube for being advantageous to the extension of the inner tube.The valve of the inner tube shall be put in the center of the rom valve hole.

On one axle shaft shall be installed the tires with the same brand,size,structure,ply rating and pattern.The ordinary tires can’t be matched together with the radial tires.In installing the tires with directional pattern,keep the tires’ rotating direction mark consistent with the riding direction.

6.Interchange of position
The positions of the tires should be interchange rugularly;meanwhile,the covers,inner tubes and rim strips shall be checked fully.To interchange the positions of all tires shall be carried out simultaneosly.It should be noted not to change the original rotating direction of the tire.

7.Replacement of tires
At the time of installation of new tires,it’d better change the tires on the entire vehicle;otherwise the new tires shall be installed on the front wheels and rear standby wheel.

The abnormal technical conditions of vehicles could cause not only earlier wearing of tires,but also damage of the tires due to unbalance loading.If finding the signs showing that the tires are worn abnormally,check the defects of the vehicle in time.

Start a vehicle steadily and drive at the uniform speed.Slow down the speed while crossing barriers.To select the way to drive a vehicle shall avoid stabbing the tires .No keeping away from the sharp barrier,slip of tire, hard braking,zagging,etc.would cause eearlier damage of tires.

10.Service condition of vehicle tire patterns
Longitudinal pattern:suitable for the rigid road surface conditions such as cement,asphalt,with better rideability.
Cross-country pattern:suitable for the no-surface road belt or inferior road conditions.
Horizontal pattern:with a good adaptability for road surface ,the horizontal pattern can satisfy the current road surface condition of our country,and also be very adaptable for the climate and riding speed of our country.
Mixing pattern:being a kind of transitional pattern between the longitudinal pattern and horizontal pattern,suitable for riding on the bitumen,cement concrete or snow slush road surface,with excellent wearability and gripping ability.